Thursday, July 17, 2008

Belle and Brady's 3rd Birthday Party

Belle and Brady Jr. had a "Barn Party"! We had a great time! They looked so cute in their little outfits (made by Bebe Baker).

It doesn't take Darbs long to find Brady -- she loves him to pieces!

She loves Belle, too!
Shara is so talented! She painted these barn animals to match the ones on their little outfits.

She also made this tractor cake. I, unfortunately have none of these talents.

Here is Big Papa in his favorite spot!

It was this time last year that we were just getting ready for Miss Darby Kate. It's crazy to even think that we didn't know if we were going to have a little Jodi or a little Trevor. Even though she's a little girl -- a lot of ya'll say we still had a little Trevor! She's such a joy, and we are so thankful each and everyday to have her in our lives. We are so glad to be close to family and have so many great friends in which to share our little joy!


  1. The "Farm" party was great, wasn't it? Thanks for posting these great shots!


  2. Tempus fugit! Children are the lubricant of life, they make time glide by! How precious is this brief time we have to enjoy them to the fullest. Too soon they fledge and fly away, to places like Hope and Friendship. Darby Kate is a treasure. We love her so much. Dud :)