Monday, July 28, 2008

Relaxing Weekend (well, sort of)

We were able to spend part of the weekend in Hot Springs -- and, the reason I didn't go all out and say it was a completely relaxing weekend is because it still seemed as though we were on the go all the time. Even if we don't have an agenda -- there is very little "sit and do nothing" time. Which is fine by me. Trev, on the other hand, likes a little R 'n R here and there. I have a few pictures of him attempting to take a nap. Darby Kate was running all over the place, and she decided she wanted her Daddy to be up. She kept saying "Dada, Dada, Dada". I guess Trev was playing possum. Anyway, she proceeded to "steal" the remote and took off into the kitchen. It was too cute. She later returned -- she was either doing a flag routine with the remote as the flag, or she was using it as a wand. Either way -- I got a big laugh!

We were able to spend some time on the water -- which was very nice. We swam with Babe and Poppy C. Darbs had some ups and downs on the boat -- but, for the most part, she does pretty well. She actually took a couple of naps laying on the floor of the boat, or lying down on the seat beside me (which hasn't happened until this weekend).

Trev and I ran in the Dam Nite Run in Arkadoo -- and it was soooooooooooo hot! Darbs hung out with Bebe and Pappa. She had a great night -- slept for over 12 hrs (what is your secret Bebe?)!

Another good report from the church nursery! Yes! Darby Kate let out a few shrill screams as her Daddy dropped her off at the nursery this morning -- but, they were short-lived. They told us that she did great and had fun playing with the other kiddos!

"Dada, Dada, Dada"
Here's the little remote bandit
doing the remote routine this is the life!
checking out the new shoes from Bebe and Pappa

Trev and Darbs after church

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  1. Darby Kate Coffee has the market cornered on cute! That girl is a trip! I love the mirror shot, it reminds me of her mother dear when she was little. :) Dud.