Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cute DKC stuff

These were actually some pictures I had taken before we left for California. Darby Kate's little personality is blossoming more and more everyday. She is understanding so much and "talking" more and more.

She continues to do well with having milk in her sippy cup only. She is still sleeping in her sleep sack, and I think she understands that when it goes on -- it's bedtime (sometimes this is good, sometimes not so good). She is a dancing queen! I think we all know where that comes from -- I'm hoping to catch some good moves on video soon! She loves to eat, and the sight of food, or the kitchen, or the sound of rumpling of a bag -- she is signing "more, more, more!!!"!
And the world of walking -- she can be from one end of the house to the other in a matter of seconds! It really is amazing how it changes your world! She loves to squeal and run from Lucy when she thinks she is coming after her -- another thing I'll try and catch on video.

In this picture she is actually calling the Hogs! She will throw her hands up, too, at times -- we will try and have this perfected by football season.
She emptied one of her toy baskets and was giving sugars to all her animals and babies.

So sweet!
Here I caught her getting in Pepper's bed again -- I'm considering getting her one of her own (just kidding Babe and Bebe!)

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