Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Waiting on Daddy

Darby Kate and I had fun playing outside while Trev went for a bike and run. She is such a ham! She just talks and talks and squeals up a storm! Her little expressions are priceless!

Tonight she was much more interested in pushing her little car then riding in it. She would fall down every now and then -- once, she fell and scraped her knee! It even started to bleed!! She just stood up, rubbed her knee, said "oh", and kept right on a truckin'!! She's a tough one!! (she didn't get it from me)


  1. Cute pics!!! How is the new camera?

  2. Hey Jodi!!!! Darby is PRECIOUS! I love your blog - now I can keep up with you!!! Hope ya'll are doing great (looks like you are!) Beth