Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Weekend at the Deal's

For those of you who knew about our triathlon training, and that the Hubs was gearing up for his first triathlon -- well, it was cancelled due to POTENTIAL weather hazards. That's Arkansas for ya! Cancel it for what MAY happen. I know. I understand all that has to be done to prepare for a tri, and they couldn't really risk all the "if" factors. AND, it doesn't take long to realize that we are much better off than many that actually weathered the storm. I will say we were somewhat disappointed, though. Now he's off to hunting la la land for the next several months. Maybe I can get him to commit to a tri next season. We'll see.

So we made the best of the weekend and travelled to Greenbrier anyway -- we hung out with the Deal's and ate lots of food and played and shopped and watched football, etc. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way I got sick. It was fairly short-lived (thank goodness!). Thanks, Stephen, Rachel, TD, and GD for such a fun time!

GD -- such a sweetie!
Sugar and the bubbles
Sugar -- huggin' on the boys again
The grillin' machines
TD was kind enough to drive Sugar around on his Gator - she loved it!
Every now and then she would try and take over the driving

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