Sunday, September 21, 2008

Whoooo Pigs (Little Rock game)

We were in for the long haul at the Little Rock game. The tailgating began at 10:00 (for us, anyway). Darby Kate and Maggie had a great time. They rode in the wagon, saw the cheerleaders, and they saw Tusk, too! Darbs didn't discover until the latter part of the day that she could roam around outside of our little parking spot. Once she did -- the race was on. Babe said that she even tackled a little boy and took off with his football. Even the little boy was in shock. She had so much fun running up and down the greens and the cart path. She did NOT want to put on her P.J.s and have her mommy tell her that she could no longer get down and run. A little tantrum encouraged us to leave the game early. We cheered the Hogs to victory in the car -- and, she slept all the way home!!!

Darby Kate and Maggie! Go Hogs!

what a face!!
Tailgating with Poppy C
the chef for the afternoon
This is Mags and DK inside the Razorback Helmet mobile. I know this picture is a little blurry, but immediately following this shot, Darbs took a tumble and suffered two bloody knees. Her mother suffered a similar injury many years ago at this same exact stadium! :)

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