Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I missed my baby girl!

We were in St. Pete, FL this past weekend -- and I really missed Darby Kate. The resort where we were staying was family friendly, and there were kiddos everywhere! I hope she is beach-ready next year!

We had a great time -- we were there with Dr. Stephen and Dr. Rachel (the boys worked and the girls played!) The weather was perfect! We spent time on the beach, ate great food, went to a Tampa Bay Rays/Red Sox game, and spent some time at the spa! PERFECT (except that we didn't have DKC with us)! I don't have any pictures from the trip -- I don't have a case for my camera - so, I didn't want to take it on the plane. My small camera is MIA......let's not talk about that, though.

Here are some pics that I took when we got home.

I like this picture 'cuz it reminds me that she's still my tiny girl.
more and more curls!
waving to our neighbor
telling mommy something serious
really enjoying a pumpkin cupcake made by Babe

finger-lickin' good!

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