Saturday, January 23, 2010

A little update......

Okay, so I'm disappointed in myself that I'm over a month behind on hopes of having 52 weeks of posts since Jorgia's birth are fading. BUT, I am going to stop procrastinating and get back to blogging! We moved into our new home this weekend --YEAH!! Jorgia now has her very own room, and we have our computer in the master study (that's a glorified name for the office that's attached to our room) SO, it should be easier to get the blogging done late at night if necessary. Forgive me for being cheesy -- it's just a very exciting time and one that's been a long journey. So much has happened in this past month, and the girls are doing and saying so many things.........I'm afraid I'll never get them all documented. Not having my very own camera has definitely affected my picture taking. I haven't had the time to research a new camera, so the photo sessions have taken a hit. I am hoping to go back and at least post some pictures of the girls from the last several weeks. Just wanted everyone to know that things are going well!

Darby Kate is quite the talker these days. Along with the move, we have encountered a setback in the temper tantrum category. She has been acting out terribly these last few days. I think the move has stressed her out. She seems to really like her new room, and has adjusted well otherwise, it's just she is the little fusspot more so than usual. Hopefully, it is only a phase and will soon past. Fortunately, she is super sweet while I'm tucking her in and it cancels out all (well, most) of her crazy behavior from during the day. We still sing "You are my Sunshine" when I'm tucking her in -- our ritual is for us to sing it, "hum" it, then sing it. I pretend I'm going to lay her down, but both of us know she will say "one more song, one more song" and we go through the sing, hum, sing routine once again. Not too long ago, she started singing along with me. That little voice is so precious to me, and when she tells me she loves heart melts. She's my little sweet 'n spicy girl!!

Jorgia just won't slow down! She is growing so fast I just can't stand it! She continues to wake up at LEAST twice a night (sometimes more!) -- I have completely forgotten what a full night's sleep feels like -- I'm hoping to experience it soon! But, once again -- her angelic face makes everything alright, and I know I will get more sleep in the future. She loves to make her voice do different things. Darby Kate brings on her biggest smiles. She laughs so hard her shoulders shake up and down. She loves to "be gotten" under her little arms. She has no ankles or wrists -- just rolls (and I love it!) She has been taking two hour naps in her bed during the day (I really love that!) She's a pure joy.......

I know I'll be in trouble for not posting pics this time --- but, I want to have them somewhat organized, and I haven't had time to edit them yet. Hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the new year!!

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