Monday, December 12, 2011

No excuses...

Just wanted to let you all know we are still here.

I know my title said no excuses.......


there is SO much going on these days!

It seems as though every minute of every hour is occupied.

I vow to blog once the girls get in bed, 


after dinner,

after dishes, 

after this, after that, (there's always something)

I crawl into my comfy bed --

and, well......

to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzland I go.

I know -- you are missing out on some great happenings.

Happenings I PLAN on sharing with you (hopefully).

A lot goes on in a house full of THREE drama queens!!! (plus a DRAMA MAMA!!)   :)

Thank goodness for a Down-to-earth DADDY!!

Soon..........I promise!!!  ;)

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