Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Looking forward to 2013

So my little blogging "vacation" was a little longer than I intended. I never really intended at all, but after days became weeks, and weeks ALMOST became a month -- I decided it qualified as a vacation. Thank goodness for AWB to snap me out of it and make me accountable for my blogging duties!!

Of course, seeing how I'm blogging into the wee hours of the night (which is officially morning), few fellow bloggers will view my goals, hopes and dreams for 2013.....but, that's WAY beyond the point, right?

It seems as though it is uncool to have New Year's RESOLUTIONS these days. Resolution: as defined by Webster's, "a FIRM decision to do something or NOT do something. Okay....I understand many "resolutions" are only stated and not carried out. Not too firm there. I get that. I've never been one to appreciate the understated. But, I'm not bothered by the tradition of New Year's Resolutions. It is that -- a TRADITION. But, at the same time, it's an opportunity to reflect on the previous year, evaluate what was and was not accomplished, and look forward to the potential achievements of the upcoming year.

Check out my LAST year's Resolutions here. (I  don't consider it a complete failure, but definitely not a total success either! Goodness knows there is ALWAYS room for improvement!)

*my first FULL year of being a mother to three beautiful girls.
*I took the time EVERY DAY to look at them, love them, and pray for them.
*I feel as though I talked to God more, but still need to increase my biblical knowledge
*I made some steps toward ORGANIZING areas in my house (yes, these were baby steps, but steps nonetheless)
*I spent QUALITY time with my family
*I COMPLETED a 1/2 marathon, several 5ks and 5 short distance tris
*I worked on several projects to BETTER my community

*see above

*I no longer take precious moments with my hubs and kiddos for granted. I cherish and look forward to times we spend together.
*I'm doing my best not to wait for things to be brought to me, but to seek them out on my own! i.e. reading my Bible more
* vacations -- memories to be made! ALSO, potentially the trip of my dreams for our ten year anniversary!! (yippee kyyyay -- details at a future date)
*new bike = new experiences in the tri world! YES!!
*community projects: can't wait to share, but it deserves a post of it's own!!
*and of course, BLOGGING more! documenting thoughts, memories and dreams!

Welcome, 2013--bring it on!!



  1. Love this! I found you through AWB and I'm glad I did :)! You are right...resolutions are "uncool" :). Really they are hard to keep up with so I'm glad everyone else has come around to dropping them like I did long ago. ha! Your family is beautiful and I look forward to following along to see all of your "looking forward" goals come to fruition!

  2. Thanks, Jenny! I hope to have positive reports soon! :)