Thursday, February 7, 2013

Oooops! I did it again....

Not that I'm apologizing again (I said I wouldn't)...

I've let a pretty big time gap in from post to post.


It's that "I'm human" excuse trying to come out of my mouth.

New goal: to get over my must-write-a-book-every-time-I-post TO write-it-down. post-it. make-it-happen!!

I have three beautiful littles in my life. Stuff happens MANY times throughout the day. I can MAKE the time to record at LEAST one of those moments. Surely, I can (yes, I participate in self-encouragement often)!!

Whether it be a blurry action shot from my phone, or a more focused, fabulous moment from my SLR -- I will try my best to get it to the blog!!

I am trying to stay involved with AWB with hopes and dreams of one of these fabulous bloggers giving me all the advice I'll ever to get photos uploaded faster, easier, LARGER. I look at some of these blogs and am AMAZED at how in the heck they ever got all of those images on there in a decent amount of time. My post on Baby Bean's Little Bird party took HOURS (and me, days) to get uploaded. 


Enough ranting and raving.

I'm posting a few pics and calling it a night.

 Sugar. This is her wink pose. Pretty darn cute if I may say so myself.

Spice. Spice? You say?

Baby Bean. Where did my baby go?

Goodnight and happy blogging!

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