Monday, April 22, 2013

Laundry Room Blues


does it ever go away?

Of course not!

I go through a roller-coaster of emotions with my laundry room.

I get pumped, ready for the attack!

I'm going to CONQUER you laundry room!!

I wash and dry and fold.




And if I'm really on top of things -- the clothes may actually get folded on the SAME day.

And how in the WORLD do I end up with at LEAST 5-6 oddball socks EVERY time?!!?

I have a collection going, and when I get 5 or 6 additional spares I convince myself that I will come up with several matches from the oddball stash.

It DOESN'T happen!!

For some reason, I'm still AMAZED at the amount of socks this family produces over a few short days.

But, I have to realize -- ten feet times a couple several days is A LOT.

So let's say it all gets done in ONE day (keep in mind -- this is a RARE event).

The baskets go back in the their appropriate places.

They look so nice. So neat. So EMPTY.

This lasts all of about 30 seconds to an hour. That's it.

Either...a kiddo or the Hubs contributes a new gift or I am the first to offend with my sweaty-running-gardening-house-cleaning clothes.

Other days...

Well, thank goodness I can close the door!!

(confession: I have, in my lifetime, hung something back up JUST BECAUSE I wanted my basket to stay empty for just a wee bit longer. Don't worry it wasn't anything like the aforementioned garb. Anyone else?)

Disclaimer: I am very thankful to have a laundry room with running water....and a dryer. Let's just call it a love-HATE relationship!!


  1. Oh the laundry...ugh! If I manage to get things washed and dried, it never leaves the basket. No need to look in dressers for clean clothes. Lol, funny post!

  2. Seriously!! Love that you have joined the blogging world! :)

  3. Laundry and dishes - the two things that are never finished at my house. As soon as the laundry is done, I find a pair of pants on the floor. As soon as all the dishes are done, I find one of my kids with a cup in their hands. The cycle never ends.

    1. Absolutely! The only way to break the cycle....VACATION!! :)