Thursday, September 26, 2013

"Things" on Thursday

Time for "Things"...(Or, if you're from around these parts, "THANGS". If you have no idea what I'm talking about, click HERE.)

The next sound you hear and what caused it.

I'm in my office...

about .5 seconds after I read the previous "exercise", I heard PEPPER (our French Bulldog) snoring in our bedroom. Oh, the many, many sounds that come from that little dog. 

Bless her heart.

She will be nine in January.

I remember very well the first time the hubs and I laid eyes on that funny little Frenchie.

Her head was so big (in comparison to her body), that when she leaned over to get a drink out of the water bowl, her hind legs would leave the ground! It was too cute...I SO wished I had a picture of that sight! She won our hearts immediately.

This is what she looked like when we first got her...the photo does not do her head to body ratio justice.

She is one of two of our furrbabies. You know, children before children.

My husband literally carried her to bed on his shoulder for the first 6 or 7 years of her life.

We loved the look and personality of a bulldog, but went with the French Bulldog because they are not suppose to have terrible allergies like English bulldogs.

It seemed like it was no time before we were taking Pep to the vet for SPECIAL shots, buying SPECIAL food and and trying every SPECIAL treatment to "cure" her of her allergies. 

So much  for that theory!

My point of all that, is that Pepper makes crazy sounds while she is biting/licking/gnawing at her feet (because of said allergies).

It never fails, that when someone is at our house and we are sitting around chatting -- they will have to stop and ask, "What in the world is that sound?" (I'm able to tune it out at this point) Meanwhile, Pepper is just lying there gnawing, scratching, itching away!

She sounds like a human when she snores. Maybe even a louder.

                            She finds just the right spot...and does THIS ~23 hours a day.

I think she and the Hubs have a competition going on who can snore the loudest.

I have Pepper on one side (beside our bed on her OWN bed...yeah, we'll save that story for another day), and the Hubs on the other. I'm a snore-sandwich.

If I'm not asleep first...well, let's just say that I say an extra prayer thanking God that I am able to be there in the snore-sandwich. Thankful for that very moment and the very time to just BE. And, believe it or not...I eventually drift off into zzzzzzzzland.

I love that little dog and her tremendous snoring self!

photo by the talented Shannon LaDuke (please take time to check out her site -- she's FABULOUS!)

Tell me about sounds, tell me about sounds your dog makes (well, if you think you could tell me and it wouldn't spoil my lunch) -- AND


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