Thursday, October 17, 2013

"Things" on Thursday

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Wisdom You Learned From Your Child

My littles keep me on my toes.

My tip, tip tippy toes.

They make me laugh.

They make me cry.

They make me crazy.

My Daddy always told me, "You will never understand such and such until you have a child of your own".

He couldn't have been more right.

I have learned SO much from being a mom.

Going from not being a mom to being a mom made such a HUGE impact in my life.

I believe it does for many...maybe even MOST.

But for this was MAJOR.

I was probably one of the least maternal-type persons you have ever known.

I did very little babysitting growing up...

wasn't interested in holding babies, feeding babies and DEFINITELY not changing babies.

Thankfully, when I had Sugar...

it was love at first site.

Now, I still argue things that people told me "will just come to you instinctively" didn't always happen, but when I saw my sweet Sugar for the first time...


see what I mean?

Oh yeah -- back to the subject at hand.


I am amazed at what I learn each day from these precious children.

I learn things about myself, about kiddos, about life...

But, one thing I envy...

and try my best to emulate...

is a child-like FAITH.

I am fortunate to have three,

yes THREE little ones that are excited to learn about GOD.

Bean is in the beginning stages of verbally expressing it, but my other two...

they are WILLING and EXCITED about learning about GOD.

Sugar is really where my example comes from for today.

She comes home many days singing songs about GOD, and writing "God is best", "I love God", "God is LOVE" and other wonderful phrases that lets me know she is on fire for GOD.

She has told me that "I love my mom, my dad, but I love God the BEST".

I definitely struggle with placing God first in my life...

and I KNOW what NEEDS to happen.

I know that God should be FIRST in my life.

She makes her beliefs about God without doubt, without fear, and without dismay.

She knows it. She BELIEVES it.

And I LOVE that.

I am so thankful and blessed to have these children in my life.

And I pray that I will hold onto a child-like faith.

Just to know, and to believe...

without a doubt.

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