Thursday, October 31, 2013

"Things" on Thursday

Things you should throw away but can't 

Thank goodness the Hubs isn't writing my list for me. He would have a list a mile long. I will save you some agony and narrow that list down to three things.


Oh yes. I'm afraid I might possibly be a borderline hoarder when it comes to magazines. Yes, I know there is Pinterest. And I love Pinterest. But, there is something about having those tangible pages, corners to turn down, pages to tear out...

And, I just know that there will come a day when I will have hours upon end to chill out and look at my stockpile of magazines. (yeah, that's the ticket) Sipping on hot chocolate by the fire, knocking out a few mags here and there...ahhhhh...

Yeah, you find me on the couch in the supine position, and it won't be long before I'm in Zzzzzzzland.

Oh well, a gal can dream...

Look at this beautiful edition of "Edible Ozarkansas" that my friend, Angie Albright, gave me (check out her cool blog at  A Growing Season). No WAY could I throw that thing away. That publication makes every page look delicious. I don't care if the subject matter was edible or not. I just wanted to gobble up every page!

AND, the fact that it is ISSUE ONE! Collector's item! way will I be getting rid of it.

Who doesn't want to spend their valuable time reading about how good of a mother Snooki is, or who Prince Harry is dating, or remembering River Phoenix twenty years down the road...


2) My old school stuff

I'm talking text books and notes from class. I don't know what it is. I think about keeping that stuff and I KNOW it's ridiculous. I LOOK at that stuff and I can't bring myself to throw it away.

All the hours...

All the torment...

So, I pile them up once again for the next attempt of the almighty de-clutter.

(I would show you a pic, but it's all piled up in a storage bin in the garage. Yes...oh, so accessible)

3) My kiddo's school stuff


Sugar is in first grade and Spice is in pre-school and I think together they've taken part in ridding a small forest of it's trees.

I recently saw on Ting's Mom about an app that you can file the photo format of all their hard work and turn it into a book (artkive). I DEFINITELY want to investigate that further.

So....there you have it. That's my top three.

Are they the same the Hubs would list? I don't know...that would be interesting.

I DO know that I shall hold onto my hopes and DREAMS of being organized...

But for now...

I'm dreaming of dreaming...

time for SLEEP!