Thursday, November 7, 2013

"Things" on Thursday

Everyone was laughing, except you.

So, years ago...I had to have been 6-8 years old, we attended the annual high school state football championship game held at War Memorial Stadium. My dad was coaching at the time, and he needed to recruit players. I don't remember who was playing, what I got from the concession stand, or the color of my hair, but what I DO remember took place AFTER the game.

We were in a hurry to get to our car. Or at least that's how it felt to me. I'm sure my parents wanted to get me out of the cluster of cars in the parking lot (every parent's nightmare with a squiggly, active child). I was holding my dad's hand, and I lost my balance. He tried to hoist me up, but I guess I dragged the ground and ended up skinning two circular, bloody wounds on my knees. I'm sure much drama ensued following this incident. Don't worry. This wasn't the part where everyone was laughing.

After my tears were wiped away and the wounds cleaned, we headed for a late-night dinner at DENNY'S.

I ordered the spaghetti...with MEATBALLS (thank goodness I'm still able to love meatballs today). The next thing I remember, my face is planted in my spaghetti and I'm blowing bubbles in the sauce with every breath. I lift my head, and that's when the table exploded with laughter. My family thought it was oh so cute, and I attracted the attention of other patrons in the restaurant. I did not appreciate the spotlight of the moment, and I'm sure I didn't hold back my feelings.

I cringed at the sight of a Denny's for years after that.


Yep. Still does it to me. 

I'm not sure I've been back.

Don't worry Mom and Dad -- it didn't scar me for life...well, not too badly anyway. It's just a time when I can remember "everyone laughing, except ME!" ;)

I'm sure if the same situation happened with one of my kiddos, I would have acted similarly. Never wake a sleeping baby/child...right?

What about you? Any memory of everyone laughing, except you?

I hope it was a situation as harmless as mine.


  1. A tear! Another tear! I remember it all just as it were yesterday! You were always so wonderful and such a loving little girl with great dignity! My heart is cram full of "Jodi" stories! And now, your girls let us relive some of that great joy of being a grand father and grand mother. I wish you enough! :) ud

  2. I'm not sure Mom has the same memories of me as a little girl, but I'm glad that's what "stuck" with you! So glad our girls know and love you all well. "Enough" to you and MORE!