Thursday, November 14, 2013

"Things" on Thursday

what you were doing this time last year

This time last year…

the girls and I headed to Arkadelphia for The Battle of the Ravine.

I bleed red through and through, but my mom and dad both graduated from Ouachita. My dad even coached there for several years.

It's a tremendous contest that sparks a fire in the hearts of athletes and students alike.



Good old fashion rivalry.

Before the game, both schools come together for family fun.

Rides, bounce houses, face painting and food galore...

I kid you not -- Bean shoved 2 cupcakes in her mouth face in under three minutes flat.

And I let her do it. I was there for the Battle of the Ravine NOT the Battle of the Cupcake Queen.

We were able to spend some fun time with Bebe and Papa.

The following photos were actually taken from the same event TWO years ago...

wow…look how much Bean has grown!

Unfortunately, The Coffee crew won't make it to the Battle of the Ravine this year.

Daddy will be on the hunt and Mama will be on the run (our final long run before the marathon in ~3 weeks!)

Go Team HOPE



  1. Love captured by a camera! Palpable, visceral, true! The coffee House rocks! You go girl! :) Dud