Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Light Bulb Moment


It's cold out there, y'all!

We survived the last dip into the arctic temps, they bounced up and down for a bit, and now we're experiencing another few days in the potential freezing weather.

(There was a time when I thought anything below 32 degrees guaranteed some form of snow, sleet or ice. Give me a break...I was a kid. Or, was that last year?)

I am training for the Little Rock Marathon, and we have stuck it out with our outdoor running. "Feels like 23" and "Feels like 7" can be a little intimidating when the alarm goes off at 4:30am. The LAST thing I want do is roll out of my super cozy bed and hit the pavement to freeze to death, but, a mama's gotta do what a mama's gotta do.

(See that GINORMOUS medal with "Epic" on it? That's part of my inspiration)

(photo from here)

Now, there are days...

days that I have the chance to rinse off and hop back in bed either before the alarm goes off, or if the girls don't have school...

and I want to take FULL advantage.

The problem:

when I get back in bed - I FREEZE!

And I canNOT warm up.

I try to use the hubs as a heater, and I about chase him out of bed with my cold feet.

I've worn warm, fuzzy socks. And it helps...but it doesn't do the trick.

I shiver and shiver and it takes a good 30-45 minutes to warm up. Most days, that's when it's time to get up and get going.

SO = I had a light bulb moment the other day.

I went for my run (and it was COLD. in the thirties. the wind was KICKIN'),

hopped in the shower (DREADED getting out. I did NOT want to go through the shiver drill. Although, it wasn't enough to keep me from getting back in bed),

THEN, I decided to put on a warm hat, warm gloves, and cozy socks.

I got in the bed...


Didn't shiver once!

What in the world took me that long to figure that out?

Who knows? (yes, this is a rhetorical question)

But, I thought I would share in case someone else has experienced something similar...

It happens, people.

I did receive strange looks and inquisitions as to why I was decked out in a hat and gloves along with my snuggly socks, BUT...

I can handle that crew. No worries...

just WARMTH!

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