Monday, March 10, 2014

Eating Whole...and a Whole Lotta Eating!

So, we're eating "Whole".

For Lent.

For us, and Lent.

For God, of course, and us, and Lent.

We just completed 1/2 of week ONE, and had a "break" today (because it's Sunday...not sure of the official ruling, but all I  know is that the rules are relaxed on Sundays. Yes, please enlighten me if you are able). Thank goodness for the break because: a) the Hubs cooked pancakes for breakfast, b) we ate at El Agaves for lunch (need I say salsa and chips?), and c) we attended a FABULOUS potluck after church this evening (I didn't go completely CRAZY, but wasn't shy about tasting several different deviled eggs and various little weenies wrapped in bread. I threw on the veggies and fruit, but they did not comprise the majority of my plate.)

Man, food is my vice.

This is DEFINITELY a challenge for me.

It's not that I don't enjoy the foods when eating whole...

It's the formed habits I have to fight.

The bites of leftover cereal I can't gobble up.

The little bite of sweet after each meal.

The piece of candy my little one hands me just because...

Oh, geez...

is it EASTER yet?!!?

I think I'm eating more than usual.

I'm kinda obsessed.

What can I eat next? When is the next meal/snack? I'm just eating's okay if I eat twenty-five!

Probably not a good thing, but I hope as the weeks go on, this obsession will subside.

And, I will pray...

I'm totally PUMPED about getting our Blendtec Blender tomorrow!!

Green Smoothies are in our future!

Updates to follow.

**the following pics are of poor quality...taken with my iPhone in a dark room, BUT, they are of Sugar and me after we received our ashes. 

We were trying to create a shadow so we could see her ashes...they had rubbed off at this point.

We did a little repair work...then we could see them much better!

Then, we got a little silly...
(boy, oh boy, do I wish ashes were a miracle form of Botox.)

I think in this one I thought about...all the foods I'd be missing out on for the next FORTY days!

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