Sunday, July 13, 2008

First Birthday Party!

Well, we survived the FIRST birthday party!! And let me tell you -- there were times that I didn't think we would! I had to go ahead and blog a little tonight -- because I know by tomorrow some of these exhausted and overwhelming feelings will have disappeared. And I think it's important to remember everything -- even the stressed-out feelings.

All in all, the party went well. What I remember of it, anyway. It was constant motion the whole time. The last time I felt like this was at my wedding. Thank goodness for pictures and videos -- because Darby Kate is not the only one who will need them to remember this shindig!
The rain threw me for a loop --for sure! I just knew it was going to hold off -- and, I was wrong! Luckily, it didn't last all night.

Darby Kate was not really in party mode until she had her milk. I'm tellin' ya -- the girl was about to pass out after she had her cake -- but somewhere came a second wind and she was ready to go again. It was fun watching her try cake, and dippin dots, and cupcakes, and oreos for the first time. She really had fun playing with everyone -- I can tell she really likes watching the "big" kids play. She LOVES her cousins. I was so glad everyone was able to come to the party. I look forward to more fun birthday parties -- although I can definitely wait until next year! ( I'll post more party pics soon!)

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  1. All the planning that went into the party was very evident. It was wonderful--pretty, fun, and good all around. The food was most delicious and the fellowship was great! Darby Kate is the most precious 1-year-old! We love her so much!