Sunday, August 10, 2008

Watermelon Weekend I

This weekend was jam-packed with craziness and fun! We started off the watermelon festival at the Kiwanis Chicken Dinner -- Darby Kate just smacked those lips when she ate that chicken! She and Maggie went strollin' around after dinner to check things out.

Friday evening was the annual Watermelon Olympics. And guess what? Coffee Family Dental came home with the GOLD!! After several attempts, we finally won! We had a great time -- it wasn't quite so hot this year, AND we were able to go last! Way to go everyone!

Saturday morning we had the 30th annual watermelon 5k. Babe and Aunt Clancy pushed Darbs and Mags in their strollers while Trev and I ran. It was a little chaotic at times, but we survived. After the race, we walked around with the Baker crew and played games and ate festival food! We had a lot of fun! We went over to Babe's house that afternoon for a little swim time. Darbs had fun splashin' around with her cousins!

Here are some pics of all the happenings....

DK and Mags waiting on their chicken at the Kiwanis dinner
Here they are in the Coffee Family Dental attire

Darbs was taking off with the bag of goodies!
Babe and Maggie
CFD learning the course
CFD sizing up the competition
Darbs and her rosy red cheeks!

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