Sunday, August 10, 2008

Watermelon Weekend II

Here are some more pictures from our adventure at the Watermelon Festivial!

DK and Mags getting ready to watch the Melon Mile. They were cooling down from their challenging 5k.
Trev and Poppa were getting the kiddos lined-up for the Melon Mile
Gracie girl was ready to run!
Uncle Trev got Brady to the finish line with MUCH encouragement!
The proud finishers!
DK in her 5k outfit
The 5k crew waiting on the results

Darbs didn't realize how warm the concrete would be to her tootsies!
Gracie found her a little froggy friend in Dixie's pool.
Here he is a little up close.
Darbs was petting Belle
Poppa in the pool

I like this shot of Mags

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  1. Great shots of great memories! We appreciate the effort you and Trevor made to make this special time happen. With your involvement with the running club and your participation in the run, it made for a busy day. Thank you again for including us in. Dud