Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Destin '08

Well, my list of excuses for not blogging is long, but if I spend all my time explaining them -- I wouldn't have time to get to the important stuff! SO -- what we've been up to........

Things seem to have gotten really busy here lately. It could be that I'm working now. I know, I know. Only part time. BUT, when you don't "use" something for a while, you really do LOSE it! I've been doing a lot of catch-up during the other part of the day that I'm not actually "at work". Please don't view that as a complaint -- I'm just trying to justify my lack of journaling.

I thought I was going to put off posting pics from FL until I learned how to use my new editing program. Since it looks as though it may be a while until I figure out what I'm doing - I'm going to have to forego the fancy editing, and just try to catch up. I've posted a few pics from the very first day we were in Destin.

DKC checking out the beach scene
the view from our condoLL and Trev

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