Monday, October 20, 2008

Front Yard Fun

Sunday was such a beautiful day -- we spent a LOT of time outside. SO, here are some more pictures from that day. Darby Kate is so funny -- she is constantly telling me funny things. I'm just not sure yet what exactly she's saying. It sure will be fun when we CAN tell!! One thing there is no mistaking -- is the word "NO". She says it, and then pooches her lips out -- really all in one motion. It's pretty cute (for the most part). I know a lot of my pictures of her -- she's either eating, eating out her snack trap, or facing the opposite direction -- BUT, that's what she does!

We were having some trouble with the concept of "please don't pick the flowers!"

She finally understood that mommy wanted her to smell the flowers!! She still sometimes blows out of her mouth when you tell her to sniff!

this was cute -- she would pick up some pine needles, and then turn and hold them up to the sky and talk and talk. Not quite sure what was going on there....

hmmmmm....what can I get into next......
see ya next time!!


  1. Darby Kate wears her overhalls just like her Papa! :) Cute, cute,cute! Dud.

  2. Darby Kate is so precious! I love the Halloween butterfly. Reminds me of when Ramsey was a fish. Not too happy!