Monday, October 20, 2008

Out on the Farm with Daddy

On Sunday, the Hubs was kind enough to spend some time with Sugar and I out on the farm. This is serious hunting season -- so, we cherish each and every minute we see Daddy. (I like to give him a hard time) He was a good sport posing in all different spots -- thanks DADDY!!

We had so many great shots -- so, I posted a bunch!

I meant to update on Sugar's last doctor's visit (which was last week). She weighs 24 lbs 4 oz. She is 30 inches + (I can't remeber the + because at the time the nurse told me -- Sugar was wriggling and screaming pretty good). She did not like the shots AT ALL!! BUT, she managed to flash Dr. D one smile before she left.

Now, back to the farm..........

feeding daddy a snack
notice how often she has the snack trap

jumping off the hay bales

on the way out to the chicken houses to see the chicks

sittin' on the tractor


  1. that is so funny because we went and did the same thing that afternoon, i still have to post the pics. i couldn't take the chicken houses though, dad had to do that. the pictures of darby kate are really cute!!! she looks precious in those overalls!!

  2. She's so adorable, Jodi! Cute pictures! Is your husband a Tampa Bay fan? We live in Tampa, go Rays!