Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Going to the Fair!

We took Darby Kate to the Fair! She went to the fair last year, too, but once again -- we were thinking we would get more of a reaction from her this year! She was pretty sleepy by the time we made it there. We went to see all of the animals first. I thought the pigs were pretty cute. Darby Kate really didn't say much until we got to the goats. One came right up to the fence and said baaaaaaaa ( I thought that is what a sheep says, but he said it, too!), and she said it right back! It was cute. We thought she might enjoy some of the kiddie rides -- so, that was our next adventure. Once again -- not much of a reaction. She was sooooooooooo tired. She put up with us, though -- and we survived our trip to the fair. I thought Trevor was buying tickets for the slide, and the slide only, BUT he came back with 20 tickets! We couldn't get rid of those things fast enough! We ended up having some tickets left, so Miss Muffin and I took her back the next day. Thank goodness Muffin was willing to ride the rides that day! I don't see how I ever enjoyed the ones that go round and round and round and round...............

This one was sweet looking. And a little sad :(
Thirsty Pig
Trev had a little trouble taking the pic when we were in front of him!
This time he managed ok. Of course, the ride wasn't moving!

I know. She looks scared to death. I'm afraid she was.Trust me. She was fine!
I had to post this one -- the minute Trevor let her out of his lap she was outta there!

So excited! (maybe on the inside?)
The next day wasn't too much better. She was sleepy again!

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