Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pickin' and Grinnin' at Pappa's

While Trev was out of town -- we hung out at Bebe and Pappa's some. One night, they had a bluegrass pickin'. Darby Kate LOVED it!! She was not shy about it at all -- she just joined right in! She danced, she sang -- she had a blast! The dance she did that night was what I like to call the "mini-maniac" dance. For those of you who have seen Flashdance -- you will know what I'm talking about. She stands in one spot and moves her feet up and down really fast. It's pretty hilarious. They had formed a circle in the living room -- and she just roamed around the center looking up at everyone. The overalls were a perfect pick for the occasion.

This is the following morning at breakfast. She is such a ham!

She really was excited to go shopping (you can tell in this picture, can't you?)

Uncie (pronounced "unkie" -- maybe I should spell it that way?!?) Brady was serenading her while wearing the zebra hat

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  1. Its about time Darby Kate had some blue grass in her life! She was buck dancing, that is what it was. The girl is hip! Dud.