Saturday, November 15, 2008

16 Months!!

And here we are -- 16 months!! I can't believe it (seems like I say that every time), time continues to fly by so fast! Darby Kate is moving right along -- at a high rate of speed (literally). She is constantly on the go -- pretty much until bedtime. I have actually gotten her to take a nap (in my arms) these past couple of days. Usually, she has to be in the car for me to get her to sleep during the day. Can I count that as progress?

What is she up to..........she understands everything. She is saying more words, but still omitting the first syllable (what is that called again, my speech path friends out there?) She knows eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hair, toes, belly, and clavicle. Ok -- I had to throw one anatomy term in the bunch. We'll see how long it sticks. I have not witnessed this personally, but a week or so ago, Babe reported that Darbs said a sentence. She said "I want something to eat". I know this is difficult to believe, but Babe and Poppy C heard the same thing. AND she said it twice. Who knows -- I guess she will say what she thinks she needs to .... She still loves to put her dirty clothes in her dirty clothes basket. She loves to put things in the trash -- but, when SHE is ready. I gave her a piece of paper to throw away the other day, and she said "no" (a sweet no), and carried it around a bit. I forgot about it and went about things. After she had gone to bed, I went into the bathroom, lifted the toilet seat, and there was the piece of paper. YES -- it's toilet time. She's in to lifting the lid, and she'll go for the water if she gets a chance. I still think the doggy bowl water is her favorite, though. She loves to laugh and to get tickled. She knows we love to hear her laugh really hard, and she will try to keep us doing whatever it is that is making her laugh real hard, so she can keep laughing hard (does that make sense?!?). She LOVEs her some Pepper (our dog). She basically tackles her when she hugs her. She makes a loud smooching sound when she gives sugars. She comes over in the middle of playing to give hugs and sugars. When she's in a hurry, she just gets close, makes the smooching sound, and goes back to playing. If I pretend to cry, she comes over right away to give me a hug or a kiss (I'm afraid that won't last long). She still does not love anything involving straps (high chair, stroller, car seat, etc). She is getting interested in some T.V. (we've started out with some "Jack's Big Music Show" -- thanks Miss Kim -- it's cute) Guess what she has no problem identifying on TV.......Deer, and Football. Hmmmmmmmmm......wonder how that happened?!!? She goes crazy when she sees football on tv. She screams and claps - - she yells "GO, GO, GO!!!" Her favorite word is NO. She has a sweet no, an I'm getting serious no, and a downright sassy no. Her favorite foods are cheese and bananas. She has started to stretch her arms out to any and all strangers. She will hang out in their arms for a minute - sometimes more, sometimes less. She doesn't like to brush her teeth, but we're working on it. She loves to listen to music and dance. She seems to really like band music. She can kick a ball and walk backwards (had to throw in a few gross motor milestones). And believe it or not, there's more. I'm sure of it. She's beautiful and wonderful and the light of our lives! Happy 16 months, Baby Girl!!

Here are a few pictures of how we spent her 16 month b-day...........

in PJs 'til after lunch -- now that's a good Saturday. Here she is trying to put a diaper on her baby bunny.

another photo session........
I love this picture

love these expressions........

Poor Pep -- Darbs booted her out of her bed after this shot.


  1. Photo #12 from the top is my all-time favorite! Dud.

  2. She is adorable! I love the leopard tights. She looks like she is a bunch of fun and keeps you on your toes!

  3. I think she likes the camera!!!!! She is beautiful (I still think she looks like yo'mama!) We should really get these girls together sometime! Beth