Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Trev!

Thursday was Trevor's birthday -- the big 3-4. It's crazy to think about us being 30 something. We both feel, and of course look much younger :) We went over to Babe's house Wednesday night for a wonderful supper. Darby Kate had fun playing and helping Daddy unwrap his gifts. I think the musical cards were her favorite!!

Happy Birthday Trev!! To the best husband and daddy ever!!

Darby Kate and Babe playing

dancin', dancin', dancin'!!
A little relaxation before bedtime

look at this beautiful setup!

Dixie prepared a wonderful crown pork roast (i think that was the name for it -- look at the cute little booties)

mmmmmmmmm yummy coconut cream pie!

um yeah - this was the cake I made. I know it looks pretty scary, but it actually tasted pretty good :) -- sorry Trev -- it would have been a fire hazard to put ALL 34 candles on the cake!

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