Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Maggie's 1st B-day

We spent the past weekend celebrating Maggie's first birthday! Happy B-day, Mags! It was a great time..........well, except for a little time I had to spend hibernating in the bedroom due to a little illness..........but, we won't emphasize that part.

We started off by doing some shopping at the Chi Omega Christmas House (I think that's what it's called). And let me tell you, I was VERY skeptical about how that scene was going to end. BUT, with much encouragement -- we tried it out. And much to my dismay -- Miss Darby Kate did great! Of course, we had a bigger crew, so I think that helped. Plus, she was able to see that Maggie was in the same type of strapped down mobile device that she was -- the beloved stroller! Those kind of shopping extravaganzas can really get you in the Christmas spirit! Soooooooooooo many cute things. AND sooooooooooo much good food and yummy things to try. (which is one thing that may have contributed to my illness, but like I said, let's not go there) When Dixie and LL finished their shopping -- Clancy and I went up and down a few more aisles. Meanwhile, Darby Kate and Maggie had Babe and Auntie L on their toes. Another first occurred. Darbs went up to Babe, started pointed to her tail end and said "poo, poo" (I'm just repeating what she said, Mom). I'm not sure why she chose those exact words -- I don't say that around her (I chose a much more appropriate term -- doodle), but she did. And, off they went to change her diaper. I tried putting her on the big potty a few times over the weekend, but nothing major happened. One time she may have tinkled, but I think it was just a coincidence. Craziness! I didn't know this was coming up so soon. I need to read some articles, magazines, books......SOMETHING!! How about any and everyone give a little advice and save me some time :)

The following day was the birthday party!!! Miss Maggie looked too cute in her birthday dress -- like a little doll!! Darby Kate had a blast helping her decorate the cupcakes, and playing in her playhouse. (Oh yeah -- they also went to Rowlett's Christmas parade, but I wasn't even aware it was going on.........yuck!) She really enjoyed helping Mags dig into her cupcake cake, eating her own cupcake, and having some yummy ice cream! Thanks everyone for a FUN, FUN weekend!!

Yes, she is pulling her ear. And rather hard at times. Something else we have to work on....

Did I not catch a mischievous look or what!

The lovely birthday cake

The beautiful birthday girl

helping Mags get started

don't mind if I do

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