Monday, December 1, 2008

Technical Difficulties.........AGAIN!!

I was all ready to post and blog about our weekend last night, and I ran into major issues with my card reader/card. It claims that the card is corrupted -- NOT a word I wanted to see when I inserted my priceless pictures into the reader. Thank goodness I recently downloaded and saved all pics leading up to this weekend. I am somewhat distraught that the pictures from this weekend are possibly lost, could be worse.

As for Thanksgiving and all events following -- we had a great weekend. Babe and Poppy C came over for dinner Wednesday night. Trev cooked us up some deer steak, and we enjoyed it very much! Thursday seemed like a whirlwind of events -- we worked on getting everything ready during the morning, then went over to Babe's and Poppy C's for lunch. Darby Kate did great and actually sat in her booster seat for the meal. Way to go Darbs! After lunch, we went home and packed up for the trip to Arkadoo, and for tailgating in LR. Once in Arky, we continuted on the path of stuffing ourselves once more, and had fun visiting with the Baker crew. Darby Kate loves to play with her cousins. They are so funny and cute these days. They still want to hold her and pick her up -- this has become more of a challenge -- Darb's is a little chunk. She lets her cousins get away with so much more than she lets me do -- it's very interesting to watch all of them interact -- and of course, totally cute!

Friday morning, after a wonderful breakfast prepared by Pappa -- we packed up and headed for LR. Darbs was dressed in her Razorback cheerleading uniform -- you'll just have to trust me -- she was a little doll. It was pretty chilly, and she refused to wear her gloves or hat in the beginning (little tooterbug). She did great, though. Based on our last tailgating experience, I was afraid she would be up and down all 18 holes on the course, BUT she stayed right with us. I just knew the weather was going to hold off for us, but I think the moment those words left my mouth it began to sprinkle. We headed into the stadium anyway. It started to pick up a bit around halftime -- I really wanted Darby Kate to see the band (she LOVES the band) -- but, after that -- we were going to head to the car. The rain eased back down after halftime, so we decided to stay. Thank goodness we did! What a great game -- GO HOGS!! Darby Kate was too funny -- she gets the most serious look on her face when she sees everyone else cheering. She looks out on the field, and claps her hands big and wide (the whole time her little lips are pooched out) -- the description just doesn't do it justice. Wish I had a pic!! She did super then entire game -- snacked, cheered, slept, and a little hot potato (she was the hot potato) got her through!

We stayed in Arky on Friday night, too. Trev had bought us a box of Crispy Cremes, and treated us to breakfast Saturday morning. Mom and I headed out for a day of shopping, and Trev and Darbs and some serious QT. I checked on them periodically throughout the day, and received positive reports for the most part. Trev's enthusiasm was a little less at the end of the day, but hey -- I can empathize with that feeling :) He said they had a great time -- thanks Trev!!

Sunday after church was a work day around the house. I had to meet mom 1/2 way (I left my cell phone, makeup, etc in her car -- ughhhh!!), and Trev put up the outside lights. He did a great job -- now all we have left to do is the tree! Yeah!

Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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  1. I hope you get those pictures!!!! Our computer recently crashed -- we took it to good old James and he saved the pictures JUST IN TIME - and I mean just in time! Just the thought of losing pics makes me sad - very sad! Sounds like ya'll had a great time - look forward to seeing more pics of pretty Miss Darbs!