Sunday, November 2, 2008

Playing with Daddy

Darby Kate is actually starting a Daddy phase. Of course, she's always loved daddy -- but, now she is actually choosing him over me. I think it's great, and I know Trevor loves it. She walks around the house pointing to pictures and saying, "Dada", "dada"! I love it when we are playing outside and Trev comes home -- Darbs gets so excited to see him, and runs up to him and gives him a great big hug! Too sweet!!

It was actually cool this day. Okay, it probably didn't require a fleece hat, but I thought it was cute. And, after MUCH persuasion, Darbs didn't seem to mind.

where's daddy..........


she loves carrying and dragging around bags. now there are times when she insists on carrying her bag!

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