Saturday, November 1, 2008

Red Wave Alumni Weekend

Last weekend was our alumni weekend -- this was my 10th year reunion. I can't believe it's been TEN years since I graduated from college. CRAZY!! We had a great time -- I was able to catch up with some friends that I haven't seen in a while, and we swam a little on Saturday morning -- and of course, beat the freshmen in our "just for fun" relays!! Darby Kate came and met everyone -- I think she enjoyed the snack table best!

This first picture is to show how much she has changed since last year..............

snacks, snacks, and more snacks (thanks, Bebe for helping me out)
The new President and his wife (Chuck and Mandy Welch)

kick Darbs!

I know, I'm a little scary in a swim cap

the alum

jumping in!

forming the mohawk.......
the new do

we need a little work floating on our back


  1. I am so impressed - you are still in top notch shape! Looks like Darby Kate had fun. I can't believe we have been out for 10 years either...I guess we are getting old!

  2. Jodi, I found your blog through Jenny's. You look amazing and your little girl is adorable!! Good to see you and get to catch up on how you and your family are. Hope y'all had a fun Halloween!