Monday, November 10, 2008

When Life Gives You Lemons.......

I can't believe it's already time for Christmas decorations to come out. Well, at least for the stores and restaraunts. They kind of rush right through Thanksgiving, and get right to the red and green. I had never been to Holiday House in Little Rock before this year. I had always heard good things, and that there was sooooooo much stuff, etc. So, BeBe and I decided to make the trip. Of course, The Hubs would be in the huntin' woods, so Miss Sugar would be accompanying us as well. No biggie. Except for the fact that she does NOT like to get in the stroller these days (or anything else that involves being strapped down), loves to run around, and has started throwing temper tantrums. No big deal. She'll be fine.........

Boy was I wrong!! I thought we were in the money -- she slept practically the whole way there. She was well rested and ready to shop! I had to trick her into the stroller, and she started to whimper as we were going in. A lady passed us (and I'm sure she saw my banana boat of a running stroller) and said "it is SOOOOOOOOOO crowded in there!". Hey, no biggie -- we're cool. We get inside. It's jammed packed. Bumper to bumper (litterally at times - with other strollers :) ). We "wasted" a few of her happy minutes talking to people we knew here and there. After about 2 rows (that's down one way, and back another) she was done. We tried finding food and stuffing her to happiness. That didn't work. She was no way, no how getting back in that stroller. She kept wanting to run off and explore, and when mommy wouldn't let her do that -- she kicked in the arched back scream. SO -- while mom sprinted around a few rows, I wrestled with Sugar and the stroller and got the heck outta dodge. Although I'm trying to put a slight comical twist to the story now -- I was pretty close to break-down mode. I kept my cool with Miss Sugar (although, did I mention when she gets upset she likes to squeeze my neck and pinch?). We made our way out to the lobby, and low and behold -- good 'ole St. Nick was there. Sugar seemed interested to go over and see Santa. The minute he tried to touch her -- the scream was released again. So that idea went to the way side as well. I was a little depressed I didn't get to join in on all the Holiday House madness, BUT this is where the good part comes in...........

It only takes one look at her, the beautiful fall leaves falling from the beautiful fall trees, health, family, friends, happiness.............thinking about all the things I have to be thankful for -- to forget about the craziness of that one event. (Now don't get me wrong -- I had to have some cool down time, and Sugar probably won't be making the trip to Holiday House next year). But, seriously -- I love this little girl to pieces, and I'll take a million crazy days as opposed to none.

this is my favorite picture

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  1. I have had so many days like this! It is funny once it is over! There was no way my boys were coming with me to Holiday House. Not long ago we had an episode in Walmart. I was two seconds away from calling my sister-in-law and telling her I was having a nervous breakdown in the Walmart bathroom and to come quick. I composed myself and the kids and we made it out OK. I could not even blog about it because it so much energy I didn't want to think about it again!