Tuesday, December 16, 2008

17 Months!

Seriously -- it seems like just last week I posted Darby Kate's 16 month info. Where has the time gone?!? I seem to be constantly running in circles. Needing to get sooooooooooo much done, but accomplishing very little. Hopefully, I'm getting a lot more done than it seems -- I don't know. Whatever the case -- the fact is -- Darby Kate is now 17 months old. She continues to grow like a little weed. I know that is a saying and all, and it's because weeds grow fast, but I don't think I like referring to her like a little weed. Let's say she is growing like a beautiful little flower! She is a busy little bee, and constantly on the move. She continues to say the word "NO" frequently throughout the day. She was recently the sickest she has been -- and it seemed to come on so fast. On Saturday, she was congested all in her head. On Sunday, the congestion had moved into her chest. On Monday, she had this awful sounding productive cough. Now, she still has a little bit of a runny nose and a cough. I know -- not bad, but when she stays well -- we feel like we're roughin' it when she doesn't sleep through the night. Trev camped out on the couch with her one night -- way to go Daddy!! It's just so pitiful to see little ones when they're sick -- they don't know what to do, or say -- bless their little hearts!

ANYWAY -- we are busily getting ready for Christmas. We still have a little shopping to do -- I guess we're going to have the face the crowds this weekend. UGHH!!!! If you can't beat'em -- join'em! We've semi-mapped out what we're going for -- but, somehow or another -- I can always find side-ventures when shopping. :)

I'm starting with some pictures from a little over a week ago. I'm sure I'll think of DK stuff as I go along -- I have LOTS of pics to post!!

We hadn't sported the mohawk in a while. She didn't know what to think of that do!
"what is this?!?"


Darbs and Pappa

This was one night at my parent during an attempted photo session. Naked pregnant baby kept getting in the pictures, too.

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  1. She is SOOOOOOO beautiful (like you don't know that!) I feel your pain on trying to get that PERFECT Christmas card shot - the one I used wasn't even taken on one of our many, many attempts!! Hope you have a Merry Christmas! beth