Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Back and Runnin'...................behind!

I let the technical stuff get in my way for a while, but here we are! Things seem to be so busy these days. Christmas time is so exciting, but there seems to be things to do every minute of the day, AND night! Now where were we....................I think Thanksgiving weekend was my last post. I haven't been able to retrieve the pictures from my card yet (I may never be able to), BUT we made up for it this past weekend. Between my mom and I, we have HUNDREDS of pictures of Miss Darby Kate. I was on a mission for the perfect Christmas picture. I had one potentional one before I left for the weekend, and that just wasn't satisfactory. SO, every chance we had -- we were snapping pics of Darbs. Let's just say she wasn't always ready for the camera. I can't say I blame her. We were like pesky popparatzi (not sure how to spell that?!?) -- snapping close ups right in her face, trying to get her to pose in places we normally tell her not to go (i.e. right by the tree, standing on a tall step, right near a fountain, etc). She was a pretty good sport for the most part. Most of the time when we were ready to take some pictures, we didn't get big smiles. Like most of my shots -- I end up getting the back of her head or a profile shot (which I love).

She is such a busy girl these days. She loves investigating just about any and everything. She SOMETIMES puts things back where she got them, and claps her hands real big. Okay, maybe I should say every once in a blue moon. It is cute when she does it, though. "No" is still the word of the day. Did I mention before that I tried very hard NOT to say "no" for several months of her mobile life? I really think she says "NO" more than any child I've ever met. Go figure. Her thank you has been "thay". She continues to say it until you say "your welcome". Just recently she has started saying "thay ou". She is starting to say Darby instead of just Dar Dar (although Dar dar is cute to hear). Now onto working on Darby KATE. She was saying her age and showing it with 1 finger. Now, everytime we say one -- she says two. AND when I ask her how old she is -- she says two. Do I even want to mess with that?

A few times she has acted and nodded yes to go to the big potty. Sometimes she will sit on it. Sometimes once we are there, she doesn't want anything to do with it. I'm not trying to force the issue (don't worry, mom) -- I just do occasional spot checks every now and then. I know she will go when she's ready -- I 'm just here to encourage her right along.

Will post more later. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay past my bed time.

Here are a couple of the pics in the razorback uniform I was talking about.

staying busy

another obstacle during photo time -- play purses of Bebe's. She would NOT let us take them.

Doesn't this bucket of Santas look like a toddler's dream to dive into? SHe wanted basically everything BUT the bucket of santas --- ugh!!!!

She did pretty well being around Bebe's tree all weekend. Only a few ornaments were removed.

How's her form, Big Pappa?

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