Friday, December 19, 2008

Fair Park

Darby Kate went with Babe, Clancy and Maggie to visit some friends out at Hope Haven. Dixie said that Darby Kate enjoyed running up and down the halls and knocking on doors and running away. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.............where did she come up with that game? Afterwards, Trevor and I met them at the Park for a little slidin' time.

yeah, I know. the bow wasn't working, but you can't blame me for trying!

Aunt Clancy and Maggie
See Buffy -- another good example of what I was talking about!

DK and Babe

These last couple of pictures were taken on her exact 17 month old b-day. I always like to get some shots on the very day of her monthly b-day. This day, I had to go to Hot Springs, and didn't get a chance to take any pics until right before bed.

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  1. Hey guys hope Santa was good to you! Just thinking about you! Hope all is well, and thank you so much for the ham. It was a life savor a a on the day we received it, because there was nothing at the house to eat, and everyone was over visiting! Thank you again, lets have Sushi sometime in Texarkana! Hope to see you soon - - pictures are great by the way!