Friday, December 19, 2008

Bah Humbug

Hey, I didn't say it -- but, doesn't it look like what Pepper is thinking in this picture? She's a mess. Darby Kate loves to hug her -- she basically tackles her. I've even caught her trying to ride her like a little horsie. I try and tell her that we have to be gentle with Pepper -- sometimes it works -- sometimes it doesn't. Luckily, Pepper has such a good nature that she doesn't seem to mind.

This other picture is one of DK's favorite pastimes these days. She removes all the books from her shelves, and doesn't put them back (of course). I've tried to talk her into one at a time -- not working. She also loves to go and get them from her room, and bring them to wherever we are -- my bedroom, the living room............I guess I'm just thankful that she loves books.

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