Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring has Sprung!

I just love this time of year -- unfortunately, Arkansas usually doesn't have too many of the sunny and low to mid 70's days. It's typically really cold (for me) or really hot. I will enjoy it while it lasts. These last couple of weeks -- you just can't help but walk outside and be thankful for such beautiful days -- everything is brilliant green, and the flowers are blooming -- love it, love it, love it!!

I'm having so much fun with the "baby talk" days. Darby Kate is so cute when she talks. I remember when my niece, Grace would say certain things with her baby accent. Those days are really sooooooooooooooooo short! Already, Darby Kate's "wawa" (water) -- has changed to "water" (sometimes). She says "holshu" (hold you) -- and, I love it! The little baby twist -- they can get away with so much more when they add that precious accent to it. If they only knew (and I think she already does).............. She can already "act" pitiful. She puts her sad face on and turns it on HIGH! Sometimes she wins -- sometimes not. But, it's pretty cute (for now).

Preggo Ponder: Is Pinocchio in my tummy, or is that really my belly button?!? Seriously -- it seems that thing started poking out waaaaaaaaaay too soon this go 'round. Craziness. I know they have products out there to help with this remedy, but I still wonder......why? Why must this happen! :)

The pictures below are from our photo session in the jonquils. We had to make it quick because it was starting to sprinkle. Trev followed me around holding an umbrella over my head to get the last few shots. It was also right after church, and Darbs was not in the greatest of moods. Thanks Cherry, for letting us come over!

Before a quick dressing change....
hunting eggs

Babe was helping to create some smiles -- thanks so much -- and thanks for the beautiful dress!
tired of posing!

save me daddy!!

love those lips!

you may have to click on the picture, but check out those lashes!
I love this picture!


  1. Love all the pictures of Darby Kate! BTW, Ramsey and John think my belly button is halarious!


  2. And I spelled hilarious hilarious.