Sunday, May 3, 2009

Creatures and Critters

This weekend seemed to really fly by. Friday, we spent the day traveling from Arkadoo to Hot Springs and back to Hope. Saturday morning, we spent getting the garden ready (right before the tremendous flood, no doubt). It was pretty exciting for Darby Kate. We saw a turtle, two snakes, several frogs, a couple of skinks, and a ton of worms and other little critters. I'm going to post those pics soon -- and I wanted to find pictures from the last couple of years of our gardening. One with me big and preggo, and last year -- we would put her in her little pink car and she would sit and watch and watch and watch. Well, watching is no more. She is full action! She was cracking me up -- she would try and rake, then she would pick up something (it didn't matter what -- bicycle pump -- whatever), and act like she was working so hard to carry it from point A to point B. She would pick up clumps of dirt and put it in the wheel barrow. She would pull weeds and put them.............where ever. She hung in there pretty good. Even when we found all of our little creatures. Trevor took care of one of the snakes when he was tilling the garden. When I was taking the pictures (and you'll see this soon) -- he handed the deceased snake to Darbs. She held it -- no problem! I just can't believe how fast she is growing. Our little helper!

The following pics are from the jonquil festival @ Old Washington in March. It was a beautiful day, and Darbs enjoyed looking at all of the crafts, listening to the band, and eating some yummy food! We had freshed squeezed lemonade, ice cream, pork rinds, and kettle corn ( couldn't tell her mommy is preggo!) And for those of you who thought that baby girl wouldn't enjoy the finer fun foods in life..............see for yourself!

see what I mean?!?

now, for a closer look

good stuff!

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