Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sugar's 2nd Birthday Party -- Watermelon Galore!!

I actually had these pictures edited and ready to go a couple of weeks ago -- BUT, I'm just now getting around to posting them. Pretty sad, I know. The good news is -- we had a wonderful time at the party, we survived the craziness, and Sugar was too cute!! I couldn't have pulled it off without the help of family and friends -- so, thanks to all for all of the hard work!

The theme was a watermelon party -- and my goal was to use as much watermelon stuff as possible! I think it turned out really cute, and of course, since Hope is know for it's watermelons -- that made it extra fun!

Sugar was wanting nothing to do with her watermelon dress that day. In fact, I had given up, and she came out of her room wearing a different dress. Luckily, Babe was able to influence her otherwise. The next time I saw her she was sporting her oh-too-cute dress and matching melon glasses! (thanks, Babe!)

We went straight for cake photo opps (the heat was pretty fierce, and we knew it wouldn't last long) -- so, Sugar took it as an opportunity to dig in. We were going with the flow, so that's exactly what she did. After cake time, we were clear to change into the watermelon bathing suit! The kids really had a blast on the WATERslide (still having to do with the WATERmelon theme -- get it?!) Noone had to go to the hospital for stitches, although it did get a little wild at times. Thanks to the Thomason's for letting us borrow the hit of the party!

Sugar's Shaved Ice Shop was another favorite. Everyone was able to cool down a bit with a shaved ice of their choice -- as long as they had their tickets!! (provided by Sugar)

I'll explain the rest of the party via pics -- running short on time at the moment!

Marlon did a beautiful job with the flower arrangement for church that day -- thanks Marlon!
Tina carved the melons for us -- they turned out perfect!

little munchies in a watermelon bowl

birthday cake for Sugar made by Babe -- too cute! (sorry about the not-so-cute candle -- that was my doings)

the infamous watermelon cookies -- baked by George and Bev (thanks!), iced by Babe, LL, the SIL, and Mama Joe  -- wow! what a team! Now we know why they sell them for 1.50 ea in the bakery!!!

pink cupcakes with chocolate chips (seeds) and green sprinkles -- yummo (made by Babe, LL, the SIL, and ML)

Sour patch watermelons in a watermelon bowl

watermelon spritzer (blended watermelon + sugar, + sprite)

waiting patiently for the good stuff!

each kiddo took home a baby melon

face painting was available at the "to go fun" table -- thanks to RaRa for the great art work!

Sugar enjoyed painting her pink bag

Here, Mommy!
Look at this thing -- too much fun!!

the spoon matched her outfit great, huh?

ML and Sugar in their watermelon wear

diggin' in!

AB and Jill


This was right after Bev found out what an "adult beverage" was......and she almost served it to her grandkids!!

the men sweatin' it out!

Like father, like son!
trying on her new apron!

the party isn't complete without balloons on the mailbox

Can't wait 'til next year.................HA!


  1. OH - you did such a good job with the party! I am such a loser mom when it comes to that! I need to do better :).

  2. Such a cute party! Darby Kate is precious...I am so glad we got to celebrate with her on her real birthday!

  3. What an awesome birthday party! You did a great job & she's adorable.