Saturday, August 1, 2009 we come!

I really canNOT believe August is here. So much to do in so little time. I only freak out about the baby coming THIS month when I take time to really think about it. The house and Miss Darby Kate keep us so busy that I have let things sneak up on me. We are not doing a nursery for BabyC2 at our current, that's really how I've gotten away with doing absolutely nothing to prepare for our new tiny little baby (anxiety is increasing by the minute! yikes!!) I've scheduled mom (and yes, that woman stays busy in her retirement days) for a couple of days over the next two weeks for some baby prep work. We are going to LR for a little shopping on Wednesday, and then hopefully she will make it for another visit to assist with getting out all the tiny baby stuff. My last visit to to the doctor made me feel as though I may actually make it to the due date. I don't know. We'll see. I'm all about the bun baking in the oven as long as needed -- healthy as can be is what we are praying for. I'm am going weekly now and will try to keep everyone posted.
I'm anxious to see how Darby Kate will handle new baby. I can see her thinking things are fine and dandy for short periods of time. It will definitely be interesting (as well as trying, I'm sure). She is a mess, I tell ya! I love that little girl to pieces! She is so cute -- she is turning into a real ham. She knows when to turn up the juice to really hit those heartstrings, too. What are we in for?!!?

This next week, our running club will be prepping for the watermelon 5k @ the festival this next weekend. I walked the Dam Night Run in Arky last weekend (don't worry -- very, very slowly -- I barely beat the ambulance back), but I think I'll sit the watermelon 5k out and just work. It's hard to sit back and watch.............but, all in good time, right?

The pics below are from Darby Kate's actually birthday day -- I still can't believe my baby girl is TWO!
Last year we started what I'm already calling an annual tradition -- we took Darb's to lunch at one of our local favorites -- Amigo Juan's! She wasn't too fond of the sumbrero (excuse my spelling -- it's late), so we brought our own b-day hat.

It was also "Miss's" b-day that week, so we celebrated her b-day, too (and she was willing to wear the hat and perform the new b-day dance)

Go Miss -- shake that thang like a salt shaker!!

Juan even participated in the celebration -- thanks Juan! (If you're ever in Hope -- we recommend going to Amigo's)

After lunch, Darb's and I headed to Arkadelphia to visit with a high school friend of mine and her kiddos. Thanks Jenny, Molly and Matthew for a fun time!

Darb's won't even think about sitting in the high chair at home. Once she saw Molly doing it -- she thought it was a great idea! I think the girls enjoyed their cupcakes! :)


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