Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dora the Explorer!

Since several days have past since our Dora adventure -- I'm afraid some of the dramatic details have left my mind (I thought I would be scarred for life!). Trev had taken off for the day, and we were taking Darby Kate to LR to see Dora and to Chucky Cheese's for one of her b-day gifts. She slept right up until it was time for us to go -- so we popped her in the car in her jammies and took off. She was fairly fussy right off the bat (which is usually not like her -- especially if she is watching a movie!). The sun was hitting her right in all the wrong spots (she fussed at the sun, and tells it "NO, NO") -- the sunscreen thingamajig just wasn't doing the trick. Her sunglasses were not providing the needed protection either. On top of that -- she was congested/coughing and all together not feeling too great. But, off we went anyway.

We actually arrived with plenty of time to spare, but getting dressed was our number one goal. After searching for a while for a place to park -- we addressed the task of getting dressed. I brought two options for her to choose from (I'm learning.......). Once she had decided on an outfit, she agreed to allow me to help her to put it on. BUT, once she saw the shoe choices -- she was not pleased. PLUS for some reason, she had decided that she wanted to wear socks. This child has grocery store feet for most days -- I'm not sure why she wanted to wear socks that day. ANYWAY, once we discovered that tennis shoe socks and her white sandals were not going on --- she started saying crocs, crocs! The only pair of crocs she has right now are animal print. So, with her totally cute zebra print dress -- she wore white socks and leopard print crocs. Did I mention it was a million degrees and I was sweating like a stuck pig through this entire process? Needless to say we had several blocks to walk and I was the only one she would let carry her?!!? Oh yes, that was the situation.

We made it inside before the show began. I wasn't sure how long we would be in there with the way things were going. BUT, once things started --she was all about it. She waved her star, and danced along.........until intermission. THEN -- she passed out. Poor baby. She did not feel well at all. She hung in there as long as possible. We gave her a dose of tylenol while we were in the theatre (I'm sure if any parents saw that they immediately gave us the Poor Parent Award). She actually woke up for the last few minutes of the show. She "allowed" Trev to carry her back to the car (thank goodness!). We stopped in for lunch at the Buffalo Grill (didn't think the timing was right for 'ole Chucky that day) -- she experienced her first doodle in a public restroom (way to go DK!) and ran around like a wild child. After that -- she pretty much passed out in the car. Whew! What a day!!!!!!

lovely, don't you think?

luckily, mommy had a nice big pillow for her to lie her head on
transportation back to the car
a close up of the sock/croc combo
our little angel!

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