Monday, August 31, 2009

Headed for Home Sweet Home

I had to post some of the pictures from the day we came home from the hospital. The one series of Trevor -- let me explain. That boy has the worst luck with keeping his eyes open for pictures. You will see for yourselves below. He had me cracking up in the hospital -- which is not great for a gal fresh after delivery (the pelvic floor is a little weak :) )

(5!) the FIFTH time is the charm!

This was our D/C doc (Dr. Thaxton) -- sorry Dr. Cardenas -- you did a great job with the delivery, though. Glad you made it in time! (note Trev's eyes --this was the second try!)

Little Angel

Thanks for the take-home outfit, Bebe!

the cutting of the bracelets
first time to be packed up in the car seat!

Our nurse, Tiffany, (on the left) was the one that discovered that our little one would be coming "right NOW"!!

ready to be whisked away on wheels

Peace out, St. Joseph's!!!

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