Monday, August 31, 2009

Our Little Girls

My my my -- how someone so tiny can make for a big change. A wonderful change, of course. Don't get me wrong -- it's not all been easy breezy. As a matter of fact, last night was one of the more difficult nights we've experienced thus far. And it wasn't with Miss Spice. Sugar decided she wanted to stay up ALL night (practically). I think she wasn't feeling 100% first of all -- and that combined with the fact that only Mommy could do anything for her made for a challenging evening. PLUS, Mommy's hormones are all wack-o, and when going from a feeding, to holding a 30 pounder, to a feeding, to a 30 pounder -- she (mommy) was definitely pushed to her limits. The Hubs would try and help, but that would only increase the ear-piercing screams. Bless her heart. Sugar did all she could to keep from getting in bed. But, there were times when she acted like everything was A-OK. She would do her little back dive into bed. Say, "night-night". And, either minutes later, or before my hand would hit the door -- she was back into hysterics. Thankfully, Spice had a perfect night. In fact, I don't think she made a peep ALL night. I would wake her up for her feedings (I know --never wake a sleeping baby, but you know I have to follow the rules........they are telling me she MUST eat at least every 3-4 hours at this point) and she would go right back to sleep. She was giving me a scare there for a couple of days. She was having very few wet diapers. Dirty diapers are plenty (like every time you look in her tiny dipe). Anyway -- she remedied that fairly quickly, and after our first doctor's visit yesterday, he said everything is looking great. (she has already gained 4 oz)

I have tons of pictures to post. I know a lot are repetitive and probably in a crazy order. I have my pictures, my mom's pictures, and hopefully soon I will post some that the SIL had taken.

The ones that I'm posting today are from the day after Spice was born!

Sugar was not too keen on seeing me or Spice the first day. Things took a turn on the second!

Look Mommy -- no hands!
She is very curious

"I wanna hold her"

Is there anything sweeter?!?

Spice is enjoying some yummy chocolate cake from the hospital

I hope she brushed her teeth well that night!

Talking it out with Daddy

I think Spice is starting out with more hair than Sugar. AND it's definitely darker.
Bebe with her 5th grandchild!!

I had instructed my dad NOT to take my picture. You see that he listens well.......

So, I'll go ahead and post his!!

Who do you think Spice looks like in this one? Isn't it amazing how a little twist of the face changes one's appearance! :)

I love little baby yawns!

This little one loves to give sugars. I'm trying to get her to stay "where Spice has hair" -- but she seems to always aim for the face area!!

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  1. CONGRATS JODI, TREVOR AND DARBY KATE!! Jorgia is precious! I know your family is so excited, and I know Aunt Clancy is proud! :)