Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's a.................

GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Much to our surprise, and I think many others -- we have a beautiful baby girl. Jorgia Clay Coffee. 7'14", 20 inches long. We wanted to surprise everyone with the name we had picked out. We were somewhat convinced we were having a boy, but came up with this name late in the game -- and thought if we ended up needing to use it, we would just announce it when SHE was born. The name is very special -- Jorgia -- the Jo part from "Jodi", Beverly "Jo", and Joseph is also a family name -- and of course, "George" is my dad's name and was my grandfather's name. Clay -- from Dixie's middle name, and several other Clays on Trevor's side of the family. I know Jorgia will probably never have her name spelled correctly, but I just love it -- I think it fits her well.

I've been trying to finish this blog all day. Things have just kept coming up to keep me from finishing. Miss Jorgia surprised us all upon her arrival. I believe I left things off with Trev enjoying some banana bread, and us just hanging out waiting for things to progress. Well, my first check registered as a 2. How disappointing! No progress. They bumped up the pitocin drip gradually throughout the morning. The next check -- a 3. Some progress, but not much. Not long after that - I was able to get my epidural. Now, during this time -- I was talking to Trevor about how I really wasn't feeling the contractions -- that I didn't really feel like I was in labor (such a different experience than last time). While I was next in line to receive my epidural --the contractions really kicked in. I was then reminded how painful they can be -- I was over "not Feeling" like I was in labor real quick. As the CRNA was injecting the meds through my cath, I began feeling very yucky. My BP had dropped a lot (~66/32) -- for the witnesses in the room (Trev, Bev and George) they said I turned white as a sheet. All I wanted to do was close my eyes and focus on not throwing up. I also had the major shakes. After several doses of ephedrine, my BP stabilized and I felt much better. After all of that excitement, is was time for another check. STILL a 3!!! Argh-- we were beginning to think that we would be there all day, AND miss my doctor delivering the baby (he was going to be unavailable after noon). SO -- the next time the nurse came in, she had me to lay on my side. We went ahead and told everyone to go and eat or shop or take a break -- the nurse even said it was NOT looking like we were going to deliver before noon. Trev and I were watching TV (he also took a little snooze). I began feeling quite a bit of pressure down low, and a little stitch of pain. The reason I was concerned was because I was falling into the category of "labor all day, and then when it came time to deliver -- the epidural would no longer be doing it's job". I was making sure that I would not be feeling every pain and pressure with my delivery. After several questions, the nurse just said that she would check me real quick. She lifted the sheets -- and after LOOKING she said -- we are having this baby NOW! She wouldn't even put my legs in the stirrups because the baby was ready to come! They were scurrying around left and right, and Trev and I both got on our phones trying to get everyone back to the hospital! It all went so quickly from that point on. 2 contractions later -- we had a beautiful baby GIRL!! AND Dr. Cardenas made it just in time! We are so excited and happy she is healthy! We really appreciate all of the prayers, thoughts, and well-wishes. This is a very exciting time.

Darby Kate has come and gone for visits throughout this process. Dixie, Bill, Clancy and Maggie have done such a wonderful job caring for her and entertaining her. When I was hooked up to machines -- she wanted nothing to do with me. She really didn't want much to do with Jorgia initially (of course, she was sleeping right when everyone finally was able to come in the room) The next visit she did much better. She held Jorgia, and had the biggest grin on her face. I still had my IV in, so she still wouldn't let me hold her. I miss her so much. I hope she does okay once we get home.

Jorgia is doing great. We are focusing on getting her eating habits established, and trying to get some rest in between. I'm not sure if we'll be home tomorrow or not. We will just have to see how tonight goes!! What a wonderful miracle -- I am so thankful that we were able to be a part of it!!

first bath at the hospital (she did really well!)


  1. Yea!!! Congratulations Jodi and Trevor! She is just beautiful. I am so excited for you and so glad all went smoothly (well, pretty smooth!). I have been checking the blog all day. Get some rest and give sweet Jorgia a hug from us!

  2. Congratulations! I love the name. She's beautiful.

  3. Congrats! She is beautiful! Can't wait for James to meet Jorgia!