Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Let the countdown begin!

Ready or not -- it's time!! It's time to bring a new member of our family into the world!! What a miracle and a blessing babies are -- I can't wait!! I must admit -- I have feelings of anxiety when thinking of having two little ones, but I know it will be a wonderful adventure.

We had such a crazy day yesterday. We were HS by 8:30, then off to LR to check our granite with our samples, then off to Texarkana for Trev's doctor appt. The doctor suspected that it was his gallbladder that had been acting up, but wanted to wait before doing any further testing. The next time Trevor has a similar incident, we will contact this guy during that time. THEN, hopefully we will find the exact culprit. We were both relieved that nothing major had to be done. I hope he doesn't have another pain spell, but we shall see........

We are checking in the hospital this evening. We went to the doctor yesterday, and I had not effaced enough to just come in on Thursday morning. SO, we will head to HS when Trev gets off of work, and get this party started tonight!!!

This is such a different experience than what I had with Darby Kate. I am grateful that I went into labor naturally with her -- now I know what that is like. This process is a whole new ball game. I don't know what to expect (other than the play-by-play the doctor gave me, but.........there are still too many unpredictables for me to feel totally at ease with the situation)! I am very curious as to how everything will go. If it goes as smoothly as it did last time -- it will be a great experience!

I don't have any new pictures, so I thought I would post a few from our last birthing experience. Geez, did I look rough or what!! Oh well........

I will hopefully keep everyone posted as the process goes along!

That was a fake smile -- that was BEFORE my epidural!!!
delivering the good news!! (this was also before my NIKON)

I love this picture

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  1. Twila can't wait to hear some "news" tomorrow. Please someone let me hear......saying a prayer for ALL the family.