Sunday, August 23, 2009

Still Waiting..........

Well, this was suppose to be a practice post from Trevor's laptop, but the whole process was so slow that I never finished it at one time! I'm glad I did a run-through of the uploading process -- now I kind of know what to expect. I'm not sure I'll have the patience or the time to keep everyone updated during Baby C2's birth like I wanted to, but I will do the best I can. ANYWAY -- we had a fun weekend in Hot Springs. We went to the doctor on Thursday -- no change. Still dilated to a one. I have to go back for one more visit tomorrow, and then if no progress has been made -- we will induce on Thursday! Can't believe I have a "no later than..." date! I do hope to go into labor on my own -- but, whatever God has planned.........

I'm telling you -- this name thing has me stressed! We have gone back and forth, and I still don't feel 100% settled. I'm hoping with the ones we have narrowed down -- we will look at our precious little baby and just know. I don't know -- from my last experience -- sometimes hormones take over (those blasted little things!!!)

It was nice to have a little down time this weekend. It was needed due to the fact that we had our first experience of Darby Kate coming out of her pack 'n play in the middle of the night (or wee hours of the morning). When we stay in HS, she sleeps in a pack 'n play. She has been getting out in the morning (usually at regular waking hours), but this weekend she decided to come out ~10 minutes after I tucked her in (which she was very proud of herself I might add), and around 3 in the morning!! The first night she did it -- we put her in bed with us. After Darbs and I tossed and turned for several HOURS (rest assured -- Trev had no trouble sleeping :) ) -- she finally passed out again. We decided the next night we would encourage her STRONGLY to get back in her own bed. I guess she was totally exhausted from the previous night, because no problems occurred on night 2. Saturday night, we celebrated Bill's B-day, and mine and Trev's 6th anniversary -- so, we had a babysitter for the girls. When we got back home ~ 11pm -- they were up and running. I figured that she would be exhausted and sleep all night once again. WRONG!! She was up ~4:30. Trev met her at the door. He ended up putting her in one of the big beds - but, he had to lay down with her as well. What a new world!!

We got home late last night. She had just passed out in the car. I was wondering how the night would go..................and, it went fine. I could tell she was tired from the weekend -- she slept until 9:00 this morning! I know our time is limited in her crib -- I was hoping she would stay in until after we move. Oh well -- we shall see!!

Just a few pics from the weekend -- I didn't have my regular editing program either -- will have to work on that!

These pictures were taken at Bill and Dixie's new lake house! Congrats!

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