Tuesday, September 29, 2009


headed out for the first trip in the double stroller

ready for Gracie's party -- the Hogs were playing that night, too

Jorgia's first trip to Babe's house

Daddy and Darbs headed out to T-town (the pigtails didn't last long per report)
Thanks Bebe for the too cute shirt!

She doesn't look too happy about her birthday, huh?

I'm a little behind posting this due to -- once again -- technical difficulties. We had someone to clean up our hard drive -- so, hopefully -- it will speed things up! I can't believe Jorgia is already one month old. Time flies! Especially when you are living from one feeding time to the next -- it makes the day go by so quickly!
Everything has been going really well -- just watching this little one grow right before my eyes. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly they grow -- and, to think of the process -- it is just amazing and miraculous all in one!
Darby Kate is doing wonderful as well. She is so sweet -- just this morning she was telling Jorgia..."It's otay, it's otay, Jorgia. I wuvooo" - (I'm trying to spell it like it sounds when she says it, 'cuz it's soooooooooooooo sweet and cute) It brought tears to my eyes. Especially when I think about the first couple of weeks when we brought this new baby into our home. Darb's wasn't too much into telling her she loved her! She's also telling me "I wuvoo" (I love you) -- it makes my heart swell every time! She also says "I miss you, mama" -- and usually gives me a big, big hug! I love it! BUT, I have a feeling we are getting to the stage where it's going to be more and more difficult when we go on little trips here and there. She is definitely going to let us know about it!
Since my last post, I had my first night of putting the girls to bed by myself. A small feat to many, but one that caused great anxiety for myself. Jorgia usually has a high-maintenance period in the evenings, and I wasn't sure how that would effect Darby Kate's bedtime. Needless to say, it couldn't have gone more smoothly. I started the routine a little earlier than usual. I kept Jorgia in my arms up until time to put Darb's in bed. I put Jorgia in the swing -- hoping and praying that she would hang out there just long enough for me to put Darb's in the bed. And what do you know..........she did. Right when I walked out of DK's room -- Jorgia cranked up. I got her out of the swing and we did a little dancin' for a while. After I fed Jorgia, I wrapped her up -- tucked her in -- and had both girls down when Trev got home. Badda-bing!! Even though the next time I did it didn't go quite as smooth -- I got it done. Now I know it IS possible. It's funny -- before having two -- I really did not know how people did it. Putting more than one child to bed -- I couldn't imagine how there were times when BOTH kiddos were sleeping at one time. It does happen (thank goodness!)!!
What else have we been up to..........we went to Gracie's b-day party. Happy 6th b-day Gracie, girl! It was a lot of fun! Darby Kate had a blast! She took up with a couple of little girls, and they ran around everywhere. Little bit did well, too. Jorgia has gone to church now with us -- she was a perfect little angel! We've made trips to Texarkana, went to a Bobcat football game, AND she's had a couple of nights that she has officially slept all night!! What a joy -- we love our two little gals!!

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  1. So cute! Darby looks precious in that dress. Can you believe these babies are a month old? Ramsey and John are in Hope for the fair and parade. Just sitting at home holding baby!