Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Fair

Oh, what fun fair time brings! The parade and all the festivities --we made the most of it, too! We went to the parade yesterday -- we saw all the pretty "princesses" (pageant girls), the bands, firetrucks, horses and tractors! Elmo was there too! Darby Kate had a blast watching and waving to everyone that passed by. Jorgia pretty much slept through the whole thing - even the deafening sirens!!

After the parade, we ran home to fuel up Miss Jorgia -- then off to the fair. Darbs had ridden several of the rides last year without much reaction. This year..........she LOVED it!! You would have thought she was at least 5 :) She didn't seem to mind if Trevor and I were around or not. She would have hopped on those rides by herself had they not had the height requirement. She smiled and squealed with delight on each and every ride. I'm surprised we made it out of there without a temper tantrum, but we did.

Here are a few pics from the evening.............

Thanks, Babe for going with us!

T-rev watching the parade excitement

she had fun waving to all!

Sweet, sweet baby!

I caught her with her eyes open!

Trev volunteered for the bee ride (or did I volunteer him?)
He started out all smiles.......

yee haw!


you girls having fun?

I'm getting queasy!!!!!

Get me off this thing!!!

See -- I participated too


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  1. I loved seeing yall on those rides. Especially the Trevor pics...funny!